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Natural Plant Fibre

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Sisal from £34.99m² Fitted

Width: 4m & 5m
Material: 100 % Sisal
Suitability: Heavy Domestic

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Sisal is an organic fibre that can transform any interior. Available in a wide range of beautiful designs and colours, sisal is also strong and versatile; essentially, the best of both worlds. It is derived from the leaf fibre of the plant Agave Sisalana traditionally used for rope manufacture. The leaves are crushed, washed, dried and then the fibres are extracted and spun into a yarn. This yarn is then woven into an array of weave designs. For use in most locations within the home apart from high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, sisal can be fully fitted like a carpet or made into a stunning, individual custom made rug to your own size. Choose your own colour border from our comprehensive range to give your rug that sought after personal touch.

Seagrass from £22.99m² Fitted

Width: 4m
Material: 100 % Seagrass
Suitability: Heavy Domestic

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Inherently strong and resistant, Seagrass is a grass grown in paddy fields and the fields are flooded with sea water during the growing season. After harvesting and drying, the seagrass is spun into a strong yarn suitable for weaving into a huge range of products like bags and baskets, and of course stylish natural woven flooring. For use in most locations within the home apart from high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, seagrass flooring can be fully fitted wall to wall or made into a superb custom made rug to your own size. Choose your own border from our comprehensive range, the perfect accompaniment to the beautifully textured seagrass.

Protecting, Prolonging the life and Caring for your Natural Plant Fibre Carpet & Rugs

We do not recommend the use of a water extraction systems for natural fibres such as Sisal, Seagrass, Jute or Coir as they contain natural colours which are not colourfast.

For day to day maintenance we recommend using a suction only vacuum cleaner as models with brushes can distort the natural fibres, vacuum slowly and thoroughly and clean up spots and spills before they become permanent.

As natural plant fibres are not colour fast some spills can permanently stain or remove colouring so quick action is needed, this can make a slight colour loss more acceptable than a permanent stain.

We recommend for dealing with spots and spills the use of Host spotting care kits which is a soft, natural product that is environmentally friendly, Wool Safe Approved and can be used on Wool and Natural Plant fibres following the instructions.

The Host Carpet Cleaning Kit for use wherever there is carpet including hard to clean naturals such as wool, sisal andseagrass. Full Instructions included along with:

1 x 1kg HOST Sponges
1 x Spotter
1 x Cloth and a Special HOST Spotter Brush

Price £30.00 including carriage contact to order

How to clean a dry spot:

  1. Remove any excess solids
  2. Place a small handful of Host cleaner over the spot
  3. Using the brush gently brush the Host cleaner through the pile in all directions
  4. Do not scrub leave the cleaner to do its job approximately 10-minutes
  5. Leave to dry and then vacuum

How to clean a wet spot:

  1. Blot the spot with clean absorbent white towel or paper cloths do not use any more liquid
  2. Brush in a small amount of host dry carpet cleaner using the brush in all directions and then sprinkle the affected area with an additional amount and leave to dwell
  3. Do not scrub
  4. Leave for approximately 10 minutes and then vacuum up the excess
  5. If traces still remain use the host spot remover sparingly with a white towel and repeat steps 2 and 4 if needed

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